UmbrellaMD is an online marketplace for doctor appointments catering to individuals who agree to pay out-of -pocket for their visit. In exchange for this, doctors are able to offer patients discounted pricing for traditional office hours. Doctors are also able to charge a premium price for less traditional appointment times.

There are two types of appointments on UmbrellaMD, Standard Appointments and In-Demand Appointments.


Standard Appointments are any appointments not deemed to be an in demand by a physician and represent the majority of appointment times on UmbrellaMD. These appointment times show up as Grey on our calendar. In exchange for agreeing to pay the physician out-of-pocket for these appointments, the price offered is typically a discount to the physician’s normal base visit price.


In-Demand Appointments are designated as such by doctors and typically constitute same day appointments or appointments for specific times of day (i.e., early morning or outside advertised hours). The appointment time will show up as Red on our calendar. The price for the appointment is set by the doctor, based on their schedule and is a premium compared to their standard price. Once your desired appointment time is submitted, it will remain live for 30 minutes or until the doctor either rejects or accepts it. Simply placing an offer will not guarantee the doctor will accept it.

UmbrellaMD simply matches cash paying patients with doctors. Patients utilizing UmbrellaMD agree to pay in full and out-of-pocket for their visits and specifically agree not to utilize any form of insurance at the time of their visit. Actions that either party may take after the appointment are out of UmbrellaMD’s purview. If after the appointment, patients or doctors look to seek reimbursement from insurers, they should consult with their respective providers. For example, some insurance providers may be willing to reimburse you, on an out-of-network basis, for some or all of your visit costs.

All appointments: UmbrellaMD will charge a flat processing fee of $5

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Why UmbrellaMD

UmbrellaMD has discovered physicians’ cash prices and created a transparent marketplace for doctors’ appointments. In most cases, these cash prices are lower than what physicians typically charge. However, there are other benefits to agreeing to pay-out-of pocket and leaving your insurance card at home.

1) High deductibles leave you footing the bill for most appointments anyway
Typical physician appointments usually cost a few hundred dollars. If you have a high deductible insurance plan you are most likely paying for these visits in full yourself. Why not use UmbrellaMD and pay a lower cash price for the same appointment?

2) Makes it easier to secure in-demand appointment times
Physicians have flexibility over their schedules. UmbrellaMD allows them to communicate the cash price at which they would be willing to fit you in at a moments notice or during a busy time of day through the “in-demand appointment” feature

3) Transparency
UmbrellaMD users will know the exact price for their visit and services included before scheduling an appointment

4) Highest level of care
UmbrellaMD has only engaged board certified physicians who are dedicated to the highest standard of care. Whether it be minimal wait times or significant face to face time with your physician, UmbrellaMD users receive a “concierge medicine” level of care
5) Out-of-network insurance reimbursement
In some cases your insurance carrier may be willing to reimburse you for all, or a portion, of your appointment cost if you submit an out-of-network claim after the visit. Please refer to the Insurance tab for more information